Board now working!

Over the last few weeks I was trying to debug my circuit board as my initial design wasn’t working. After discovering a few incorrect address lines, I soldered in some jumper wires and cut some traces and I thought it was 100%. Unfortunately it still wasn’t working. In the end I sent it over to an Electronic Engineer mate who took one look at it and noticed a minor manufacturing flaw had shorted out two of the address lines. A quick screwdriver scratch later and it was fully working. Reminder to self, fully check cart connector for shorts before going through the soldering process!

Final prototype boards are being manufactured now with those 2 lines fixed, if all goes well, final boards should be ordered soon!

Also, I’ve tracked down plastic cartridge cases for the games from over here at Kitsch-Bent. Matt there is a really great guy!

Populated Board 1.1

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