Chunkout GBC build progress

So far I’ve gotten over 50 carts soldered up, and learned a lot about surface mount soldering along the way. Flux is definitely your friend when you’re surface mount soldering by hand! Here’s a pic of the soldered carts all packed up in a business card holding folder ready for shipping to the US for final construction.

Box building is also underway, as is the finalisation of the manual and label artwork. 90 of these will be initially made, with an extra 10 special edition versions as well. If demand goes beyond this initial 100, we’ll have to consider production beyond that (hopefully I can speed up the process by getting the pcb fab shop to do the soldering next time!)

If anyone’s interested in getting into gameboy development, I can highly reccommend the use of GBDK the C compiler for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color. Also, Harry Mulder’s GBTD and GBMB are great graphical editors. If you’re interested in getting a game onto a cart, let me know!

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