First gameboy homebrew production release?

I’ve been wondering if this release of Chunkout for the Gameboy Colour will be the first homebrew gameboy game release with cartridge and box. I know back in the hey-day of Bung’s coding competitions most homebrew releases were targeted at owners of flash carts, but I haven’t found any details of anyone actually building up carts and boxes and shipping them out. I know of Qwak for the Gameboy Advance had success with publication, does anyone know of any releases for the older Gameboy systems?

PCBs arrive

A few days ago my prototype circuit boards arrived and they look great! After a few tests with a multimeter it looks like they are wired up correctly, so I should be able to burn a test rom in the next week or so and see if it works as expected!

I’ve also tracked down some plastic cartridge shells from Hong Kong, so everything’s coming together for the production.

Chunkout GBC lives!

Work has begun on the production of the Gameboy Colour version of Chunkout. After 11 years laying dormant, I’ve finally got the game recompiling again which required digging up a few archives of libraries from several computers ago (DOSBox really does work well for those older dos utilities on a modern PC too). It looks like there will be a few new additions such as level progression, adjusted scoring, graphic tweaks and an enhanced theme. I’ve also got a fantastic artist on board and someone who can build great game boxes, so this has the potential of being a rather nice release!

The prototype circuit boards have shipped today, so hopefully they work as expected! Further details when they arrive and I get the surface mount soldering sorted!

Big site redesign!

I’ve brought the website into the 21st century using the latest in WordPress technology to bring all the luxuries of a modern site such as RSS feeds, Twitter integration and much more! Thanks to Dain and Kevin for the ideas and especially to Dain for the continued hosting on the NintendoAGE webserver.

Special thank you for Australian collectors

Following Australia Day this year I thought I’d create a special thankyou gift for some Australian collectors who help me out with my collection. This one comes complete with a NES rendition of Waltzing Matilda!

Gameboy version possible?

I’ve been playing around with a few things, seems the gameboy colour version may be releaseable yet…

New box design available

We now have a new box design available for people to complete their cart/manual copies of their games. Note that the design of these differs a bit from the limited edition version sold at the expo, and they won’t be numbered. Send a PM to Mark Oberhauser over on Atari Age to buy one. They are selling for 14 Euro plus shipping.

Review of Chunkout 2600 up at Retrogaming Roundup

So Cal Mike has recorded a review of Chunkout 2600 in the latest Retrogaming Roundup podcast

Thanks for the review Mike, and for the great show UK Mike and Scott!

Still a few copies of Chunkout 2600 available

For everyone that missed out on getting a copy of Chunkout 2600 at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in September, there are a limited few copies of the cartridge and manual version available.

To get a copy just email Rick at and he will be able to post you out a copy for $25 + shipping.

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween myself and a few other members of Nintendo Age rethemed an earlier mini-game that I had developed as a scavenger hunt prize earlier in the year.

This is available to download now over at Nintendo Age