WPPR Estimator

Matchplay ID:
(grab the part at the right of the matchplay live url - e.g. https://matchplay.events/live/patb0419 = patb0419)
Expected TGP:
(work out the TGP value from 0 to 100 [optional] - check out TGP Calculator)

Error: invalid Tournament ID

Further Details

Ranking and Rating point chart


Please note that the above WPPR point estimate doesn't include any tournament results currently pending approval with the IFPA. Players ranks, ratings and number of tournaments may have changed, and will be included in the final tournament WPPR value.

Rules still to be added: limiting rank and rating points to top 64, limit base value to 32 - so if you've got over 64 people, these results will be over what they should.

Change Log:
  • v0.6 - Added ability to use either numeric or alphanumeric Matchplay tournament identifiers
  • v0.7 - Added detailed view with extra details about rank and rating
  • v0.8 - Minor text updates
  • v0.9 - Allowed hyphens in IDs
  • v0.10 - Fixed issue with suppressed players
  • v0.11 - Limited tournament Base Value to 32 and now showing total ranking value and rating value
  • v0.12 - Limited Ranking Value and Rating Value calculations to only the top 64 of each
  • v0.13 - Added link to IFPA for player, fixed issue where player registered but 0 active results.

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