Introducing pintrix – pinball maintenance app

We have just released our latest app – pintrix! This app will help you troubleshoot issues with lamp and switch matrices in pinball machines, useful for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Further details are available at

Help Santa this Christmas

Chunkout Games have gotten into the Christmas spirit this year releasing Santa Post free for the iPhone and iPad. In this fun little game the player needs to time their present drops to ensure each gift is successfully delivered. Online high scores add to the competitiveness of the game!


Chunkout high scores now online

Today version 1.2 of Chunkout went live adding online high scores. Enable OpenFeint when you update or click through on the High Scores button to compete with your friends online!

Chunkout Games interview

The guys at Nine Over Ten have published an interview with us here at Chunkout Games. Read up about Chunkout Games here:

Thanks to all the fans out there for keeping up with Chunkout. Keep an eye out for online high scores soon on Chunkout for the iPhone and iPad!

Chunkout media roundup

With the release of Chunkout this week, there’s been a flurry of news, including Chunkout being represented in the “What’s Hot” list for iPhone and iPad puzzle games in Australia. Chunkout also made it up to be ranked 64th in the Australian puzzle games! Thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy to date, we will continue to support and make Chunkout a great game!

We also received the following excellent reviews and are very excited to have Chunkout available in the App Store:

The next version of Chunkout should be available soon with screen rotation ability and level numbers, as well as a minor fix to the power meter display. Keep an eye out for a future version that includes online scoreboards and achievements!

Chunkout Now Available!

Chunkout for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available for sale in the iTunes App Store.

Chunkout provides a great puzzle game for young and old, with simple pick up and play gameplay that hides a depth of strategy. Get your copy today!

Chunkout release imminent

After all the hoops we’ve been through to get Chunkout published on the iTunes App Store, we may have jumped through the final hoop! Things look really promising for a release of Chunkout for the iPhone and iPad later in the week, so keep an eye out!

Thanks to all those that have supported us through this, we are hoping to keep on building on the Chunkout experience once it is released, including new features such as online scoreboards and achievements.

Chunkout trailer now online!

Check out our new trailer for the iPhone version of Chunkout. Hopefully if all things fall into place, this should be in the App Store within the next few weeks!

Thanks to Charles at Flying Finish Productions for assistance with the video!

Slow with the web updates!

Hey everyone, seems that the updates have been a bit few and far between on the website. Unfortunately I’ve been spending most of my update time on Facebook and Twitter updates, so you can find out the latest news over there 🙂

All up, hoping to have Chunkout for the iPhone published by mid August!

Quick update

Development for the iPhone has come along really well in the past month or 2, should have some pictures up soon of the latest Chunkout version. I managed to show it off at a recent Independent Game Developers Festival (iFEST) and got some really great feedback from some industry professionals such as Luke Muscat from Half Brick Studios (makers of Fruit Ninja on the iPhone). I’m currently looking for beta testers over on the Chunkout Games facebook page: