Chunkout 2

Chunkout 2: the background

In my first foray into developing for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) I returned to the Chunkout puzzler style of game I had developed previously for the Gameboy Colour. While none of the code was portable and had to be rewritten in 6502 assembly for the NES, some of the game logic previously written in C provided a basis for some routines.

Chunkout 2 is currently available for purchase from RetroZone

Chunkout 2: the screenshots

title screen

high scores

playing a game

Chunkout 2 Japanese Edition

Chunkout 2j: the background

As a collector of NES games, I was keen to create a collectable, limited edition of Chunkout 2. I had always liked the look of the original Famicom games, so I decided to go with a Japanese theme for the limited edition, including Japanese in-game text, and a Famicom styled label.

Chunkout 2 Japanese Edition was sold as a limited print run of 50 cartridges with unique serial numbers. These are now all sold out.

Chunkout 2j: the screenshots

title screen

playing a game

Expo Series Chunkouts

There have been a total of 3 expo special “Chunkout Champion” carts made to date (a maximum of 5 of these will ever be made). These cartridges feature distinct cartridge artwork as well as an altered title screen advertising the specific expo.

Expos that have featured a cartridge to date:

  • Northwest Classic Gaming Expo 2008 – Portland, Oregon
  • AGE Expo 2008 – Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2009 – Portland, Oregon

Australian Collectors Edition

To say thankyou to a few Australian collectors that have helped me out, I threw together a special edition. Complete with NES rendition of Waltzing Matilda!