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Where to next?

I’ve been playing around with development for the iPhone / iPad recently, and also looking at Android. Could be a version of Chunkout on a modern portable platform yet?

Chunkout now on sale

Chunkout for the Gameboy Color is the first GBC homebrew game to be produced, put on a cart and release out to the public. It is now available for sale over on the NintendoAge forums! Thanks to everyone involved in getting this game to where it is, it’s been a great project! Justin Klingenmeyer […]

Chunkout GBC on sale this weekend!

The first 40 copies of Chunkout for the Gameboy Color go on sale at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the Convention Center in Portland, Oregon this weekend! People attending can find a copies for sale on the NintendoAge booth. 50 additional copies plus any left over from the expo will be offered for sale […]

Chunkout GBC Video

Here’s some video of the Chunkout GBC game in action! As you can see, this version brings in level progression amongst the typical Chunkout gameplay. Production is progressing well, 40 of these will go on sale at the Portland Retro Game Expo in September!

Chunkout GBC build progress

So far I’ve gotten over 50 carts soldered up, and learned a lot about surface mount soldering along the way. Flux is definitely your friend when you’re surface mount soldering by hand! Here’s a pic of the soldered carts all packed up in a business card holding folder ready for shipping to the US for […]

Final bare cartridge

Just finished up populating a board, and trying it all out in the plastic casing. This is how the final version should look before a nice sexy label is added. Everything’s worked well with all the Gameboy Colors, Gameboys, Gameboy Advances and Super Gameboys I could find, so we’re ready to roll! Just need to […]

Production underway of Chunkout GBC!

The batch of final circuit boards arrived last week, and they look great! Final beta testing is underway, then final board production should follow soon after. At this stage we’re looking like having these ready mid September. Also underway is the production of the boxes. Ray has done a fantastic job with the artwork, and […]

Board now working!

Over the last few weeks I was trying to debug my circuit board as my initial design wasn’t working. After discovering a few incorrect address lines, I soldered in some jumper wires and cut some traces and I thought it was 100%. Unfortunately it still wasn’t working. In the end I sent it over to […]

Introducing Chunkout Chuck

For the upcoming Gameboy Color release of Chunkout I’ve hired in the services of cartoon artist Ray Frisbee who has done a wonderful job creating the character Chunkout Chuck who will be featuring in the games packaging and back story!

New Chunkout World Records

Twin Galaxies (the Guinness World Records equivalent of the video game world) have recorded a number of new World Records for Chunkout 2 on the NES. Check out the details over on the Twin Galaxies forums. Current World Records: Easiest: 3,181,400 Easy: 1,081,900 Medium: 279,400 Hard: 101,900 Hardest: 77,800